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A Python-backed Frontend: Featuring HTMX and Tailwind

Apr 18, 2023 / FastAPI htmx TailwindCSS

Want to bring hypermedia into your web design workflow, ditching the complexity of JSON-over-HTTP for a more RESTful approach?

Create and design your web application with htmx and spark joy in your design process. Splash in a little Tailwind CSS, too. (Ssshh. You're a Full-Stack Developer now.)

so much depends upon... your python app's dependencies

Mar 13, 2023 / Dependency

How do you keep track of your project’s building blocks? Is it enough just pinning your dependencies in a requirements.txt file? Or is there any reason to learn one (or any) in a myriad of dependency management tools?

It depends.

Untangling the complexity of this topic might not be worth it for certain small projects. But there are a lot of reasons why learning about (and using) a dependency management tool will help you in the future.

Find out why embracing proper dependency management can help your project’s predictability, sustainability, security, and yes, even simplicity. Learn how you can use a tool like pdm to help accomplish these goals.