Python By Night None en-us Awesome Python htmx PyHAT stands for Python htmx ASGI Tailwind—a web stack that allows you to build powerful web applications using nothing more than Python, htmx, and Tailwind. so much depends upon... your python app's dependencies How do you keep track of your project’s building blocks? Learn about dependency managment and how to keep it simple. About Python by night is what happens when there's not enough time during the day. Twenty Twenty-Two A look back at some highlights from the past year. My First DjangoCon I had an opportunity to attend my first DjangoCon. It was awesome! Using PDM for Your Next Python Project Use PDM for Python dependency management in your next project. Building a Decorator for a FastAPI Route Create a less cluttered FastAPI route by building a decorator. Starting A Python Project A few tips on starting and organizing a Python Project My First PyCon PyCon US 2022 - Reflections on my first PyCon ever. A Large Wooden Horse The Trojan Horse Affair podcast exposes many vulnerabilities, including my own. Going to PyCon for the First Time I'll be going to PyCon 2022. My first PyCon! And I'll be teaching a tutorial! Adding an RSS Feed With Python Add an RSS feed to your FastAPI site with Jinja. Sharpen Your Code Sharpen the tools you use for coding, like using RichHandler in FastAPI. Writing About Writing Writing about topics not related to coding can actually help... with coding. Using Beanie With FastAPI and MongoDB Using Python and Beanie to search weighted text fields in MongoDB Finding Python Models Search, Find, and Load Beanie Models Dynamically in Any Directory Save Your Environment Getting started with Python can be hard. Here are a few tips that might help. From Flask to Fast Why I switched from Flask to FastAPI mid development. Hello... World? Hello... World? A Non-Programmer's Journey to Developing a Pythonic Blog