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Adding an RSS Feed With Python

Yes, It Still Lives On In Our Hearts

6 min read / Feb 01, 2022 / FastAPI Jinja

The decline of RSS usage in the late aughts and its eventual near-demise has left many a tech-geek deflated, but not entirely hopeless. The reality is that RSS still exists out there in the wild, and some folks still depend on it for accessible, personalized, and syndicated content. So I decided to add it to my site!

Building a Decorator for a FastAPI Route

Simplify and Beautify Your App Routes

8 min read / Aug 10, 2022 / FastAPI Jinja

I've been working on yet another side project, once again built with FastAPI. I'm taking the opportunity to learn a few new skills and work with some new tools. Along the way, I found a way to use a decorator on my FastAPI routes when sending an HTML response, so I thought to write about it.

From Flask to Fast

Why I Switched Frameworks Mid-Journey

6 min read / Dec 05, 2021 / FastAPI Flask
So I switched frameworks from Flask to FastAPI. I'm not totally sure why. It just kind of happened. So maybe I'm kind of jumping the gun here. Talking about switching Python frameworks mid-development hardly seems like an introductory topic for a tiny little blog like this one.

Sharpen Your Code

Using the Right Tool (And a Note on Logging)

7 min read / Jan 30, 2022 / FastAPI Rich Logging

Coding can feel quite daunting—specially with the wealth of information out there to consume. Sometimes, as I stare at the code on my screen, I feel particularly stuck or unmotivated.